9 x 13.5m Marquee

Size: 9m x 13.5m

Height: 6.5m

Floor Area: 121m2

Standing Capacity: 150

Seated Capacity: 100

Price: £1,200

  • 9x13.5-100-guests-seated
  • 9x13.5-excellent-venue
  • 9x13.5-traditional-marquee-with-small-stage
  • 9x13.5-traditional-marquee-without-sides-1030x773
  • 9x13.5-traditional-marquee-without-sides-at-FVF15
  • 9x13.5m-windowed-walls-with-swimming-pool
  • 9x13.5-wedding-in-bristol



9 x 13.5m Marquee


A charming size for a wedding with a guest list of 100. Popularly used in large family gardens and field spaces. Hugely used across the festival world for the more intimate Bands and artists. A truly delightful marquee to be inside and a pleasure to supply.

Pitch-InPitch In

Our ‘Pitch In’ Scheme is something we have created to allow you to get an instant Discount on your marquee price. You will receive 20% off the overall marquee price when you supply the following ‘Man Power’. Read More…

honeycomb-your-marqueeHoneycomb Your Marquee

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We Believe that offering an honest, transparent service is key so we have created a Zone system which allows you to calculate and foresee your delivery charge in advance. Read More…

technical-installationsTechnical Installations

We have erected our marquees on Playgrounds (tarmac), car parks (block pathing), Farm Yards (concrete), Beaches (sand), patio courtyards with surrounding brick walls and much much more. Read More…

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